Alexander Money has been created as a portal to showcase ideas and products available to today’s investor. This might be through the form of investing via a pension or as a cash purchase. We act only as an introducer to the provider of these products but we will of course provide full information about any of these products. We are a UK based business with offices in Cheshire and Scotland. In fact many of the asset classes you will see on the web site are built and based in the UK.

Overview of investments in a pension

St LuciaIf you are looking to set up a SIPP (self invested personal pension) then you will have a say directly into how your pension fund is invested. Your funds would always be invested in regulated stocks and shares and almost always in FTSE 250 companies. That is to say, the largest companies traded on the London Stock Exchange. These could be hotel stocks, manufacturing businesses and telecoms providers like Vodafone. What we do on our site is to make people aware of what may be available to them subject to taking suitable advice and the status of the individual. Many pension funds run by the high street providers lose money year on year in real terms. That is to say they return less than the rate of inflation. Add to that often excessive charges and it is no surprise that people’s retirement income is often not enough to sustain them in retirement. There are alternatives out there which represent genuine choice and more importantly a real chance of beating inflation and providing a sensible income in retirement.

Overview for cash buyers

It is well within living memory that interest rates for savers were over 10%. That figure seems unattainable for many nowadays: at least in their lifetimes. More common would be interest rates at around 1-2%. With inflation currently running at around 2% this means that money in the bank is decreasing in value. Because of economic turmoil, the last few years has seen the unthinkable. A run on the banks in developed countries. Many people have lump sums on deposit with their bank or building society earning very little interest. There are FCA regulated funds available to invest in which show consistent returns of 8-12%. Being FCA regulated, they are of course covered by the FSCS.

GoldIn 1999 gold stood at $300 dollars an ounce. Today it is around $1300 an ounce. Did your bank match that? Source goldprice.org

In 2006 arable UK farmland stood at £250 per acre and in 2015 stands at £700 per acre with Savills forecasting a further 40% increase over the next 5 years. Source Savills.co.uk. Taking time to re think your savings strategy may be beneficial. You should of course refer to an IFA to take advice.



We have recognised that there is a craving by investors to get a better return on their money and savings. Please contact us for more information about products including prices and forecast returns. Then it is up to you to think about where your money is currently held and how it is performing. If you are not happy about your current rate of returns then perhaps the time has come to do something about it and contact and IFA to talk it through.

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